DIK-RI Pakistan acknowledges that continued and reliable funding and support are crucial to the continued success and development of DIK-RI Pakistan in continuing to meet its core aims and objectives of supporting our students and researchers and making a wider contribution to Pakistan.

DIK-RI Pakistan plans include seeking to develop partnerships and obtain funding from international charitable funders and donor agencies, including, for example, the Commonwealth Foundation, the Women’s Development Fund, UNESCO, DFID and The Bill Gates Foundation. We also aim to create successful partnerships with leading private companies, for example, law firms, the oil and gas industry and banking, accountancy and audit.

DIK-RI Pakistan aims to develop joint publications and leading researchers and renowned practitioners from across the globe. We will encourage international researchers to help supervise our MPhil and PhD student programmes in the field of management and Law.

All of our partnerships and relations will be in strict accordance with our rules for due diligence and transparency, we are proud to adhere to spirit of the goals of the ‘Say No to Corruption’ campaign as well as to relevant international guidelines and standards.

Student enrolment and support

January 2017 will see the first intake of DIK-RI Pakistan. Our students will be selected according to our recruitment policy, summarized below,

1) Submission of a 2,000 word essay style summary based on the student’s selected topic, based one of the topics suggested by the DIK-RI Pakistan or a 2,000 word summary based on a topic of the student’s own choice, including a justification for their choice of topic.

2) A successful performance at interview, all potential students for MPhil and PhD programs will be interviewed by the DIK-RI Pakistan team of scholars (local and international)

Students enrolling on MPhil and PhD with DIK-RI Pakistan with will be supported to write research papers and make presentations at international conferences as well as create documentaries addressing and highlighting current issues in Pakistan.

Supporting out students researchers and faculty

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the annual DIK-RI Pakistan Gold Prize Medal for our students’ researchers and faculty. The DIK-RI Pakistan Gold Prize Medal will be awarded for the best short research report in the categories of student, researcher, and faculty as judged by our board of senior academic advisors.

The closing date for the submissions to be considered for the first Gold Medal of the DIK-RI Pakistan is midnight, 31 December 2016. Winners will be announced in early 2017. Presentations of the Gold Medal Prizes will be made at the awards ceremony at our March 2017 luncheon. Full details are available on the website.