Our vision and objectives

  • To recruit and retain the best talent in the field of Law, Business and Social Sciences
  • To publish researches of international standards
  • To strengthen our research infrastructure, including our capacity to secure funding for our research projects
  • To developing effective strategies for research collaboration, joint supervision, joint publications, dissemination and income generation through ongoing, high quality communication within and beyond the university, links with other academic institutions, and impact beyond the academy, particularly in terms of engagement with policy makers and other users of our research
  • To develop an effective strategy to work in collaboration with international and local readers, reviewers, editors and international publishers

We will offer the highest-level of support for our PhD students by providing them world class research facilities and responsive supervision. We will encourage our PhD students to work towards the timely and successful completion of their PhD program.

DIK-RI Pakistan Mission

The mission of SZABUL and DIK-RI Pakistan is to help develop the capabilities of students and researchers so they reach their full capability to conduct advanced research in the field of Law and Social Sciences which meets the challenges of the modern world. SZABUL and DIK-RI Pakistan will achieve its aims through supporting and nurturing outstanding students and researchers by providing them with a world-class learning environment.

DIK-RI Pakistan represents another remarkable achievement of SZABUL team. SZABUL and DIK-RI Pakistan’s vison is that our MPhil/ PhD students and researchers will make the transition into fully-fledged, independent academic researchers who will enjoy both international reach and recognition world-wide.

SZABUL and DIK-RI Pakistan aims to help our students to share their views and vision with international colleagues and co-authors, editors and reviewers across the globe at international universities.