Research at School of Social Sciences and Business

The School of Business and Social Sciences at Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan Research Institute in 2016 has been established with a clear brief to build a distinctive research strategy and portfolio for our scholars.

The research Centre aims to pursue and sustain a high quality research profile to address the social and economic challenges in Pakistan with respect to

  • Corporate governance across all sectors
  • Power and Politics
  • Poverty
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Human Right issues
  • Public Policy and Administration

The research Centre is engaged with high-level national and international research activities with its academics and scholars are involved in the top quality research supported by the Government of Pakistan, in publishing papers in international journals and making documentaries to create awareness in the society. Our academic team involves the renowned scholars from local and international universities. The research centre has engaged foreign academics to help our scholars to produce researches of international standards.

The team of foreign experts will help our scholars to publish papers in international journals, support scholars in joint publications and conduct seminars, workshops and conferences in Pakistan. The researches will be supervised jointly by our local and international experts. The collaborative work will be funded by Pakistan and International donor agencies.