Mr. Justice ( R ) Khilji Arif Hussain
Former Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan
Mr. Justice ( R ) Rasheed A. Rizvi
Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Mr. Justice ( R ) S. Ali Aslam Jaffary
Former Judge Sindh High Court
Justice ( R ) Ali Sain Dino Metlo
Advocate Supreme Court
Barrister Muhammad Farogh Naseem
LL.M (London) Ph.D ( London )
Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan
Former Attorney General of Pakistan
Mr. Khurshid A. Hashmi, Bar-at-Law
Former Dy, Attorney General
Mr. Muhammad Nassem
Senior Advocate Supreme Court
Mr. Faheem Ahmad Siddiqui
Registrar, High Court of Sindh
Dr. Shamim Hashmi
Ph.D. ( Law ) Teaching in SM Law College For The Last 20 Years
Dr. Rana Muhammad Shamim
Chairperson Press Council Pakistan
Mr. Akhtar Hussain
Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Dr. Shahnawaz Memon
LL.M ( UK ), Ph.D. Bar-at-Law
Mr. Muhammad Aqil
Advocate Supreme Court
Mr. Qazi Arif Ali
An Officer BS. 20 In SBTE
Mr. Abdul Qadir Khan
Advocate Supreme Court
Mr. Syed Mustafa Ali
Bar-at-Law, Advocate High Court
Barrister Khuwaja Naveed Ahmad
Advocate Supreme Court Of Pakistan
Mr. S.M Shuja Abbas
Advocate High Court
Mrs. Madiha Danish
LL.B (UK), LL.M (UK), Bar-at-Law
Ms. Farida Mangrio
Advocate Supreme Court/High Court
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